We offer custom readings on any topic of the client’s choosing.

We also offer the following tailored readings:


Twin Flame/Soul Mate Inuitive Reading by a Twin Flame Starseed Couple

We offer customised readings on any topic of the client’s choosing. We also offer the following tailored readings:

This reading is conducted by twin flame starseed couple Alexandra and Tim. Our divination modalities include intuitive/psychic, akashic record reading, shamanic journeying, oracle/tarot card reading.

This is a reading for any questions regarding twin flames and the twin flame relationship.
Questions about soul mates and general relationships are also acceptable.

Possible questions could be:
-Is this person my twin flame?
-Have I met my twin flame yet?
-Is my twin flame incarnate in this life?
-Is my twin flame a male or female?
-If my twin flame is not incarnate, does my twin flame have any messages for me?

Feel free to send questions about soulmate or general relationships as well.


Starseed Reading by a Starseed Couple – Intuitive & Oracle (Galactic Heritage)

This is a wonderful reading for starseeds, those wondering if they are starseeds, and those simply curious about their galactic lineage and associated karmic patterns/gifts/wisdom.

Our readings are geared to help you discover information about galactic past lives, reveal the karmic lessons that you are learning in your current life, and any gifts and/or wisdom you carry from these lifetimes . You can apply these revelations to enhance your spiritual growth.

Readings discuss:
-galactic past lives
-(occasionally) elemental, devic, or significant Earth lives (e.g. Lemurian/Atlantian)
-information on relevant ET civilizations
-karmic patterns, wisdom, gifts, and other information


Chakra Mini Reading – Intuitive Divination on State of Chakras

This reading involves an intuitive survey of the buyer’s seven chakras.

This will include:
-background info on each chakra and what it governs
-the energetic state of each of the buyer’s chakras
-any blockages/wounds within the chakras
-any spiritual/mental/emotional issues surrounding the chakras
-the reason for chakra blockages/difficulties
-how to go about healing the chakras