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Ancient Wisdom Shamanism

Indoor Smudging Instructions from a Mohawk Elder

1 Place dried sweetflag root (rat root) under the tongue (protects against absorbing negative energies while performing the cleansing) – Purchase seeds here.

2 In an abalone shell, place sage at the bottom

3 On top of the sage, place the four direction herbs: sage, sweetgrass, tobacco and cedar (you can use dried, and cut up small)

4 Light the herbs, blow out the flame and allow to smoke. Use a rattle to blow the smudge and break up energy as you go. You can also use the rattle to bang on things now and then (with authority) to “scare” energies into mobilizing.

5 Begin at the front door of the house, and walk around the perimeter clockwise, smudging as close to the inner boundaries of the house as possible. If you can, open up all doors, cabinets, etc. and smudge inside, and also go over mirrors to seal them. Leave all doors open (closets etc) except the front door while you do this and ensure no one enters or exists the house while you are smudging. While you are smudging, you are praying to the Creator to take the energies from inside the house out and to transmute them into something useful/positive. Keep repeating this prayer as you go around.

6 Once you have gone around the perimeter and are back at the front door, open the front door for a minute or so and ask that the Creator take the energies outside. Allow to exit.

7 The process is now done. You can next create a protective barrier around the perimeter if desired. This may be hard to get a hold of, but scatter the ashes collected from burning a sacred fire around the inside perimeter of the house, just a tiny bit no need to make lines. This will create a protective barrier. You can also use charged crystals or other folk herbs/substances to do the same.

Ancient Wisdom Power Animals Shamanism

How to Sense and Interact with your Power Animals

What is a power animal?

A power animal is an animal spirit guide. We are born with at least one or two power animals which usually serve as our “permanent” guides. These animals will assist the individual with his or her life path, major life lessons, life purpose, etc. Power animals can also come to us at certain points in our lives in order to assist with specific issues, and can leave if no longer required. So for example, if one is trying to learn how to see reality from a higher soul-level perspective rather than analysing all the little things, an animal guide like Eagle, who can soar high and see the bigger picture, may want to come and help.

Each power animal has unique characteristics, and assists with different issues. These usually correspond to the nature, way of life, and strengths of the particular animal as we see in our physical reality. Lion can assist with courageousness and personal power, Dog can teach loyalty and unconditional love, Butterfly helps with personal transformation or metamorphosis.

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Chakras Healing Shamanism

A Look At Chakra Calibration

Tim1The chakras are wheel-like energy centres within the subtle body that serve as portals between the spiritual and physical realms and connect the mind, body, and spirit when operating effectively. While there are many different minor chakras within the body, and “transpersonal” chakras that connect us to the earth, the collective, and the universal consciousness, it is widely agreed upon that there are seven major energy centres: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Continue Reading

Ancient Wisdom Shamanism

The Shaman’s Oracle – A Glimpse into The Ancestral Realm

 The Shaman’s Oracle is a very interesting and complex oracle card system that helps users learn to tap into the archetypal energies of ancestors and spirits that are normally only accessible in the shaman’s domain. It is based around the concept of shamanic journeying, a practice of using altered states of consciousness to access normally unseen realms and connect with its inhabitants to uncover information or produce healing effects in the physical world. With this in mind, this oracle set not only serves as a divination tool, but also as an introductory teaching aid to journeying.

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Healing Shamanism

Personal Soul Retrieval Experience – Shamanism and Healing Physical Ailments

MONSTROSITY - WIN_20140617_1718202When I first started learning about shamanism (at least in this life), I found myself very drawn to the practice,  knowing that it would be a very important mode of healing for me. I’ve noticed that many people, even those who are interested in other spiritual/energetic healing methods, are rather apprehensive about shamanism, believing it to involve dark magic or evil rituals. In this post, I want to share one of my personal shamanic healing experiences to bring the practice to the fore and to encourage others to try it out. There’s no devil worship and no voodoo involved. I strongly believe that shamanic healing is necessary for every individual and that it’s not enough to just see reiki masters, cranio-sacral therapists or life coaches. I hope that sharing my experience will help others open up to shamanism and to recognize the immense healing capacities of the practice. Continue Reading