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Teaching from Ascended Master Jesus: Getting Over Inferiority Issues

The issue of inferiority is among one of the most common in human beings on Earth at this time. Almost every person you ask, even highly spiritual, awake and aware individuals, will admit some sort of inferiority complex (if they don’t, they don’t know about it or are lying to themselves). Sometimes inferiority can be masked as superiority, and other times it is just a plain, old, depressing feeling of inferiority. The issue of spiritual inferiority and spiritual one-up-man-ship has become significant of late, especially amidst the new age movement. How many crystals one has, how many salt lamps are in one’s house, how many ascended masters are one’s personal spirit guides, and how many hours spent a week doing yoga have literally become items of competition amongst “spiritual crowds.”

Inferiority can be an especially big issue for souls that are very spiritual and very aware, because any “flaws” or “negative qualities” are perceived as that much worse. “If I’m so spiritual and aware, then why do I still do X?” we will ask ourselves. “If I am so advanced, how come I can’t see auras, openly speak to high vibration beings, know the solution to any problem, or do what so and so can do?” We tear ourselves apart because we feel like we should be doing better than we are. It is especially frustrating because as spiritually aware individuals, we hear all the time how “the soul is perfect,” “flaws are perfect,” “we are already perfectly healed,” “we are exactly where we need to be,” and etc., and part of us accepts these truths but part of us questions them. “How can these things be true? I certainly don’t feel perfect!”

After struggling with my own spiritual inferiority issues for some time, I decided it was time to address them and move forward. Since I could feel the presence of ascended master Jesus around me a lot lately and was reading A Course in Miracles at the time, I felt compelled to reach out to him and ask for help. I asked for wisdom and understanding with respect to the feeling of inferiority. A few days later, I had a sort of “information download” – it was like a sudden understanding and explanation that came in a split second. I then had to unpack the download. I thought about how we are always told “we are already perfect” and “the soul is perfect” and I realised that this is true. The soul is perfect. We are all perfect. The perceived imperfections we have are chosen by us, assigned by us, when we choose to incarnate on Earth. In other words, as perfect souls, we choose “limits” when we come into being. We choose to shut off the full spectrum of our spiritual abilities, wisdom, memory, understanding, beingness, everything. The soul is still perfect and the being is still perfect, but it has chosen to limit itself in a sense, in order to learn and work through the limits. The limits are stored within the ego or lower self, the part of the individual that is everything but divine love, and the part that is not true, not real. Only the divine, immortal soul is real and true, and the ego/lower self is illusion – illusion that has to be accepted, healed, integrated and released so that we can return to our true state of divinity. We do this by carrying forth our limits from lifetime to lifetime (in the form of the ego/lower self) to heal them.

For people who are very spiritually awake and aware, he or she might still ask – but how can I have *this many* problems if I am supposed to be more whole, more complete, with less ego/lower self? The answer is that the stronger souls choose more weakness to work through and deal with because the soul knows it can. The soul chooses to struggle because (1) it can handle the issues (2) it can resolve the issues (3) it has a strong drive to resolve the issues and (4) in resolving the issues for itself, it energetically paves the way for others to do the same. The soul thus offers itself in sacrifice for the good of the whole (as Jesus did). In other words, when one person is able to come out of heavy drug and alcohol addiction and turns their life around, the trailblazing of this path reverberates across the universe. This then means that others struggle less with doing the same. Similarly, many aware souls come to Earth with a locked life purpose, meaning they do not know what their life purpose is or how to align with it. This does not mean that these souls are less evolved or less capable than others, nor that these souls have never contributed anything to existence. It means that the soul has the strength, drive and means to overcome this difficult issue (having a locked life purpose), and in unlocking their own life purpose, others become more able to do the same.

If you are struggling with inferiority issues because you feel you should be better than your “limits,” know that the root of this is your comprehension of your innate perfection. You are already aligned with your divinity and understand that you are divine. You have a firm, first-hand, deep understanding that you are perfect, that you are whole, that you are a spark of the Creator. You question your awareness and wholeness because you feel you “should” be perfect and thus feel inferior. Remember that you are perfect indeed, but that you have chosen to limit yourself. You have chosen limits because you knew you were strong enough to overcome them, and in doing so, that you would help others who are less strong to overcome the same. You have come here in sacrifice. In service. You are here to accomplish work akin to Jesus, who came and offered his life so that humans could attain levels of spiritual awareness previously locked. If you are struggling with all the limits you have assigned yourself in this lifetime, allow yourself to let go of feelings of inferiority, and keep pushing strongly forward.






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“A Spiritual Look at Physical Ailments” Series: Parasites

Suffering from parasites is not pleasant. They can also be extremely difficult to eradicate! With any physical ailment, I believe that the spiritual cause needs to be tackled before (or at least in tandem with) any work that occurs on the physical plane. If what is energetically attracting the physical ailment is not eliminated before or during physical healing, there cannot be meaningful healing. The individual will keep attracting the ailment until the spiritual cause is resolved.

In my own parasite detox journey, my first step was to ask myself: why have I attracted these parasites and allowed them into my body? It is always helpful to think logically and clearly when it comes to deciphering messages from our cells. Begin by breaking the physical ailment down to a sort of mathematical formula. Parasites are foreign entities. The foreign entities are “allowed” into the body. The foreign entities then cause harm. So what is happening here: a problem with boundaries. The “walls” are not strong/high enough to prevent infiltration from the outside.

The seat of boundary issues is the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra governs the reproductive organs, sexuality and hormones (physical), creative energy, receptivity, polarity, emotions, mood, feelings of guilt, of worth, neediness (mental/emotional), and boundaries, ability to be vulnerable, to be generous, and able to tend to one’s own needs and others’ (spiritual). Thus it is the sacral chakra that needs to be focused on for the purposes of parasite detox. Now that all of this has been concluded, begin to examine how the boundary issues are manifesting in ways other than in the physical body i.e. the parasites. Are you someone who tends to let other people walk all over you? Are you unable to stick up for yourself? Do you have trouble with asserting your sexual needs and boundaries to your partner? Do you allow other people to say or do harmful things to you? How do your personal boundary issues manifest? Once you figure this out, you can go about healing the sacral chakra issues.

Remember to support parasite detox on the physical plane. Here are some suggestions:

Bach Centaury Flower Remedy:
Para Tox Energetic Remedy:
Herbs (black walnut is excellent):
Temporarily eliminate all sugar, and all grains (aka parasite food).

Chakras Healing Shamanism

A Look At Chakra Calibration

Tim1The chakras are wheel-like energy centres within the subtle body that serve as portals between the spiritual and physical realms and connect the mind, body, and spirit when operating effectively. While there are many different minor chakras within the body, and “transpersonal” chakras that connect us to the earth, the collective, and the universal consciousness, it is widely agreed upon that there are seven major energy centres: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Continue Reading

Chakras Healing

Vehicles for the Divine, Part Two: Spirit in Motion

Exercise is another necessary component to a healthy, spiritual lifestyle. In our modern society, many people lead mostly inactive lives due to work, school, and entertainment, and spend the vast majority of their days sitting at a desk before coming home to relax in front of their televisions. In many cases the former is unavoidable, but almost everyone can find at least a little bit of time to dedicate to some form of exercise, even if they have to make a few recreational sacrifices. The bodies we inhabit are not designed to be sedentary, and an inactive lifestyle can lead to fat gain, physical and mental health problems, and improper energy management, all of which can prevent us from attaining the height of our spiritual potential. Continue Reading

Chakras Healing

Vehicles for the Divine, Part One: Fuel for the Soul

Tim1Whether or not you were raised in a Christian family, we have all heard the phrase “your body is a temple”, which originated in the biblical book of Corinthians. Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, this statement holds true, as our bodies are the vessels in which our souls are anchored during this lifetime, and as such, we should take the utmost care to provide the best possible environment for our spirits. As spiritual beings, we are not defined by our bodies and these particular vehicles will not last forever, but that does not mean that we should not take care of them and treat them well during this lifetime. In fact, the better we treat our bodies, the more our spirits will thrive in this particular incarnation. Continue Reading

Healing Shamanism

Personal Soul Retrieval Experience – Shamanism and Healing Physical Ailments

MONSTROSITY - WIN_20140617_1718202When I first started learning about shamanism (at least in this life), I found myself very drawn to the practice,  knowing that it would be a very important mode of healing for me. I’ve noticed that many people, even those who are interested in other spiritual/energetic healing methods, are rather apprehensive about shamanism, believing it to involve dark magic or evil rituals. In this post, I want to share one of my personal shamanic healing experiences to bring the practice to the fore and to encourage others to try it out. There’s no devil worship and no voodoo involved. I strongly believe that shamanic healing is necessary for every individual and that it’s not enough to just see reiki masters, cranio-sacral therapists or life coaches. I hope that sharing my experience will help others open up to shamanism and to recognize the immense healing capacities of the practice. Continue Reading