Twin Flames

Advanced Checklist: Is This Person My Twin Flame?

Distinguishing one’s twin flame from other soul partners such as karmic soulmates, twin mimics or doppelgangers can be tough. Here is an *advanced* list based in firsthand experience, and including notes on list items that our clients usually get confused about, to help you determine if the person you are inquiring about is your true twin flame. If you do not meet every item on this checklist, that is okay as every twin flame couple is different, but you should definitely have a good majority covered. This checklist is quite universal, and so should apply to most couples.

1. You have a strong “knowing” in your heart, body, feeling, etc. that this person is your twin flame
Note: This one can be tricky because similar feelings come through with respect to other types of soul partners. Do not solely trust this one.

2. You have an immediate recognition with this person that you have never experienced with anyone else

3. The soul connection you feel with this person is stronger than with anyone else you have met in your current lifetime

4. You cannot stop looking in each other’s eyes upon first meeting
Note: Tim and I literally spent the first day staring at each other, even though both of us used to be very shy and couldn’t do such a thing with anyone else.

5. This person’s skin feels extremely soft, softer than anyone else’s, to you

6. Your bodies feel right together – e.g. your hands fit well together, your heights are complementary – it’s as if you were made physically for one another
Note: if you meet someone and this aspect is missing, especially if you take notice of it (i.e. this aspect of him/her doesn’t “feel” right to me) trust this; the body has a direct connection with Source/Spirit and has a knowing that surpasses the mind. If your bodies are not a match and you detect this, trust your body’s wisdom!

7. There are/were overwhelming and powerful synchronicities throughout the first meeting (in person/online/both) and the events leading up to, after, and around it
Note: there are synchronicities present with other types of soul partners, so this is not always a clear indicator. The synchronicities you see between twins are far more radical and clear than those around other soul partners even though these can also be quite strong. In sum – do not use just synchronicities, no matter how powerful, as the only indicator of your true twin flame.

8. You look like the male and female versions of the same individual physically, and carry extremely similar energy

9. When you look at, talk to one another, write to one another, it feels like you are literally looking in your own eyes, talking to yourself (similar vocabulary, voice, style), or writing to yourself

10. You feel extremely familiar with this person, there is a feeling that you have known one another for lifetimes
Note: you may even have a few moments of confusion with this person when you first meet with respect to seeing their soul in this “new body!”

11. It almost feels like when you’re around each other you’re alone because of the sameness of energies between you

12. There is immediate unconditional love between you, regardless of each other’s past, circumstances, situation, issues, quirks, etc.

13. This person meets your personal “checklist” of the perfect partner – he/she treats you how you expected him/her to, looks how you expected him/her to, acts how you expected him/her to, etc.

14. When you meet, it feels like the world stops and that nothing exists but the two of you; there is a strange feeling of exalted bliss for both twins

15. Time slows down dramatically in the time leading up to your in-person union, if you have scheduled one, and time speeds up dramatically after you first meet in person and are together for the first while 

16. You feel like you cannot get physically close enough to this person; there is a feeling of wanting to “smush” together into one


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