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How do I Know if I am on the Path Towards Meeting My Twin Flame?

There can be quite a lot of confusion with regard to meeting one’s twin flame. For many, it can be difficult to discern who is a twin flame, who is a soulmate, and who is a toxic doppelganger. One can also become disheartened in one’s search for one’s twin, as one may not know what to look for to know if one is getting closer to meeting one’s twin or not. I hope to shine a light on some of these issues based on my own personal experiences, as well as those of others close to me.

1. How do I know when I’m getting closer to meeting my twin?

There are several patterns that you may follow when you are nearing the point of twin flame union. One of these is what I refer to as honing in on your twin’s energetic signature. In order to manifest your twin into your life, you have to know exactly what it is you’re manifesting. If you want to manifest chocolate cake into your reality, you have to know the ingredients, its look, its texture, and so forth. Similarly, you have to “know” your twin flame in order to call him or her to you.

Many resources proclaim that all relationships not with your twin are practice for the twin flame relationship. Although this is true, this concept is not usually explained very well. There are several facets to this assertion. First, partnerships with those other than your twin teach you what you want/like and don’t want/don’t like in a partner. People often say you have to “learn” this, but I prefer the term “remember.” As we are infinite, divine souls who come into the universe as an oversoul which later branches off into two twins, we clearly know our twin as well as we know ourselves. The energy of our twin is something that we temporarily and consciously forget, (although our soul remembers), as we form relationships in lifetimes where our twins are not around. One needs to remember one’s twin by experiencing relationships with others because this helps one to remember one’s twin. It is my personal conviction that what we “learn” that we like in a partner reflects exactly our twin. So if you like being treated like a princess, if you want a partner who is at least a few inches taller than you, if you enjoy dark hair, if you want someone who is intellectual and spiritual, then these are all traits that your twin possesses. You are literally building your dream partner, but that partner is already your twin! Once you know exactly what you’re looking for in a romantic partner, this is usually a clear sign that you are on the path to meeting your twin flame.

Second, you may not actually require relationships with others in order to hone in on your twin’s energetic signature. You can actually just observe in those who you are romantically attracted to the traits/behaviours/characteristics etc. of that person in order to “learn” your twin’s energy. So for example, this person is perfect but he smokes, which therefore means he does not value his physical health and is likely a worrywart. Or, this person is perfect but he does not treat me like his top priority. You will find that as you get closer to meeting your twin, you will see people who come closer and closer to being that perfect partner, but who are still missing 3, or 2, or 1 traits, or who have 3, or 2, or 1 traits that they “shouldn’t.” When you meet others who you believe come closer and closer to what you’re “looking” for, this is a sure sign that you are getting closer to meeting your twin.

Besides the above, you will likely be given signs that meeting your twin is close on the horizon. Dreams, downloads, card readings, signs, repeating numbers, and the like, may all point to an upcoming union. However it is important to be able to discern between the signs around meeting a soulmate, doppelganger or your twin.

2 Is this person a soulmate, doppelganger, or twin flame? Reading the signs…

It can be very difficult to distinguish between these three possible romantic partners. There are some tell-tale signs that you can use to help you discern whether the person you have met is your soulmate, doppelganger or twin flame.

If you have met a soulmate, you will receive signs and synchronisities to help you to confirm this. Relationships with soulmates come very close to relationships with one’s twin. You will find that you have an immediate and strong connection with a soulmate, one where you feel you have met the person before and already know them well. You seem to just get along right away and you already share a lot of the same traits and interests. You may also find the two of you share many synchronisities. It is actually quite difficult to distinguish between a soulmate and a twin flame, especially if one’s twin is not incarnated or is in spirit, and the soulmate is the current destined partner. The best thing to do is to educate yourself on the difference between soulmates and doppelgangers so that you can go forward with the positive soulmate relationship and steer clear of toxic doppelganger relationships.

If you have met a doppelganger, you will also receive signs and synchronisities. I always like to remind people that synchronisities are not just positive, and can indicate partners with whom you will experience (unpleasant) growth/evolution with, or those you have been with in past lives. Unlike the soulmate, the doppelganger is a negative partner who has the capacity to inflict major wounding (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) that may take years to undo. The doppelganger is also a partner who will take you away from the path set out in your divine blueprint. One way this can happen is where the doppelganger forces one to lose one’s connection with one’s self. So with that, I would like to set out some of the signs of the doppelganger.

First, the doppelganger will likely have traits, beliefs, characteristics, or interests that are different from your own, and you may feel compelled to change in order to match the doppelganger. You may forget your own spirituality, if the doppelganger does not have similar spiritual beliefs/ways, you may forget your personal essence, you may change your taste in music, clothes, or other external expressions, for example. Remember that these are not just surface level and that your outer world reflects your inner world, so if you find these external expressions shifting, something is also being shifted within yourself! You could entirely forget who you are and the path you are meant to be on when you’re with your doppelganger.

Second, do not trust your mind around the doppelganger, but listen above all else to your body. Your body will not lie to you, and will try to let you know when you’re with a doppelganger. You may contract some sort of sickness directly before meeting your doppelganger, or directly after meeting him or her. Once with your doppelganger, it will not feel right to be physically close to the doppelganger i.e. you may not “fit” right together, you may feel his or her physical proportions are not suitable to your own, etc. You may also experience a serious injury or sickness which is the direct fault of the doppelganger or which just seems to occur during the relationship. You may also experience ongoing physical issues when in the relationship – signs of your body protesting e.g. hives, rashes, allergies, warts, falling hair, skin issues – and which you never experienced before in your life. Your body knows best, so listen to it! You may even have to go against what your heart and mind wants, but in the end, you will be better off.

If you believe you have met your twin flame, the signs and sychronisities you experience will likely be a lot more radical and powerful than those which you experience with soulmates or doppelgangers, or anyone else for that matter. You may find that your whole life lines up with your twins. You may find that your parents or siblings are creepily similar. You may find that you have both shared many of the same experiences or difficulties in life. There is also a high chance that you and your twin will look very similar. You will likely also have very similar voices, and very similar writing styles (i.e. the energetic signature of the writing itself). It is also likely that you will have extremely similar interests and tastes.

You will also get some major signs from the universe when you have met your twin. Time may seem to stop or move forward radically. You may be thinking about that person and you will see some sort of sign in your physical reality about love, or perhaps you will suddenly hear a love song. You may also feel a deep sense of love for that person even though the two of you have just met. You will also likely feel that you accept and love any and all “flaws” that your twin professes to have, and vice versa.

When you are able to get close to your twin, you will find that the two of you fit together perfectly e.g. you will be complimentary heights, your bodies will fit together, hands interlace perfectly, etc. You may also find that your twin’s skin is extraordinarily soft to your own touch and vice versa. The two of you will very likely also look very good as a couple! Again, use your body as a measure!

It is also likely that you will have dreams about your twin flame, or about an upcoming romantic partner even if it does not appear to be your twin, before you have met your twin. Once you have met, it is common to dream about your twin immediately after your meeting. It is also likely to receive signs from the universe (i.e. in your physical reality) once the two of you are together, that you truly are twin flames.

Besides the above, upon meeting you will have a strong and inexplicable connection with your twin which cannot really be summed up in words. It will be unlike anything you have ever felt with another being. You may have to stare into each other’s eyes for hours and hours to get used to each other. It may feel strange to be united with your twin in physical bodies. Many may also experience a crumbling of old beliefs, worldviews and foundations. What you once knew may fly out the window. You may even question whether you are standing on the ground or not, or what exactly it is that you’re standing on!

I always like to tell others that there is really no mistaking one’s twin flame. The twin flame union is so powerful and radically different to meeting any other partner that I don’t think it could possibly be misinterpreted.

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