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Personal Soul Retrieval Experience – Shamanism and Healing Physical Ailments

MONSTROSITY - WIN_20140617_1718202When I first started learning about shamanism (at least in this life), I found myself very drawn to the practice,  knowing that it would be a very important mode of healing for me. I’ve noticed that many people, even those who are interested in other spiritual/energetic healing methods, are rather apprehensive about shamanism, believing it to involve dark magic or evil rituals. In this post, I want to share one of my personal shamanic healing experiences to bring the practice to the fore and to encourage others to try it out. There’s no devil worship and no voodoo involved. I strongly believe that shamanic healing is necessary for every individual and that it’s not enough to just see reiki masters, cranio-sacral therapists or life coaches. I hope that sharing my experience will help others open up to shamanism and to recognize the immense healing capacities of the practice.

At around 7 years old I started losing my “voice.” I went from being an outgoing chatterbox who danced, sang and acted to entertain others, to a shy, apprehensive young girl. Up until very recently, I was horrified of public speaking, could barely speak to others, and didn’t know how to express myself. Around age 19 I started developing physical throat-related issues. I had an under-active thyroid, frequent and severe sore throats, ear issues (ringing, pains etc.), and random unexplainable pains in my neck. Besides seeing a naturopathic doctor, doing yoga, and working holistically on these issues, I refused to see a traditional Western doctor because (1) I was always strongly opposed to traditional medicine and (2) I intuitively knew that a doctor would not be able to fix these issues.

In December 2015, I saw my cranio-sacral therapist who told me that he was concerned about the back of my neck. He told me that there was a serious energy blockage there and suspected that it was caused by stress, poor posture or cell phone use. He was able to temporarily fix the energy blockage, but shortly after the treatment, I felt the blockage come back. About two weeks after, I had an intuitive reading done and told the reader nothing about my neck. The first thing she told me was that I had issues regarding the back of my neck and when I asked what this was, she said it was some sort of energetic “noose.” She told me that she saw hundreds of past lives where I was hung for practising various types of magic and that I had made a vow with the creator to never practise or speak about my beliefs/magic again. This definitely resonated with me – I knew that she was right – and as soon as possible after the reading, I scheduled a soul retrieval ceremony. I barely knew how the soul retrieval ceremony worked or whether this was what I needed to heal my neck issue, I just intuitively knew that it was the right thing to do.

There are many better explanations of how soul retrievals work and how they help – see the books/website links at the bottom of this post – but I’ll also give a short and sweet summary here. Think about psychology – when someone suffers a trauma, some aspect of their personality will often change. If an individual loses a best friend, they may become withdrawn, introverted and isolated in order to avoid making and again losing other friends. On soul-level terms, when a person suffers trauma, the soul itself fragments so that the rest of the soul doesn’t have to suffer that trauma too – just the hurt aspect leaves. It’s a sort of self-defence mechanism. The piece fragments from the rest of the soul, and this can cause personality shifts or physical ailments, for example. So if you take my experience, being hung many times in past lives made me suffer physical ailments around my throat area in this life because that piece of me had fragmented, thus causing “gaps” per se, in my energetic body. This also caused me to be shy and afraid to use my voice, since using my voice in the past and revealing my personal truths caused me to suffer grave harms over and over again. The fragmented piece awaits, wounded, until it is healed, retrieved and merged with the individual’s soul. When a shaman performs a soul retrieval, this is what is happening. He or she journeys to find the fragmented piece which is wounded, heals the piece in whichever way he or she is guided to, and brings the piece back, blowing it into the person’s energetic body so that the piece can merge with the soul. However, that’s not where it ends. Mending the fragmented self is a life-long process. After the piece is retrieved, the individual must work to accommodate, welcome and nurture the piece until the merging process is complete. I’ll say more about these subjects in the upcoming paragraphs.

Back to my soul retrieval experience. On my first soul retrieval ceremony, I had four fragments healed and returned to me. The one important for our discussion is my “witch” self. The shaman told me that he saw the witch/priestess being hung over and over in countless past lives. He explained that he healed this fragmented piece of me by erasing the energetic memory or trauma of having been hung so many times, as he was instructed to do by his spirit guides. He then blew the soul fragment into my heart chakra, first through the heart and then through the crown, and rattled and drummed around me after the mending to ensure that the piece was sealed in. When this happened, I felt a weight around my chest area, followed by a very warm feeling that lasted for a few minutes. After the ceremony, I was quite disoriented. I had trouble finding vocabulary to express myself and had difficulty speaking. I also felt slightly lethargic, but more at peace, like the universe had slowed down and like I was more part of the spiritual whole – watching from afar, rather than experiencing an individual, physical existence.

It’s now about a month after my healed witch fragment was returned and I’ve been working hard to make “her” feel at home, accommodated and happy. I have intuitively been called to do particular things, including to plant and use various herbs, to create crystal/gemstone elixirs and to fashion crystal jewellery to sell, for example. My physical throat/neck issues have also progressively healed. I no longer have ringing ears and random pains. I do, however, have more work to do in order to heal the damage from all the years of having an “energetic noose” around my neck. Soul retrievals create gradual change in some areas and immediate change in others. Mending the soul, as I mentioned, is a life-long process, especially when serious trauma has been suffered multiple times.

I hope that this post makes you think more deeply about physical ailments you are suffering. Do you have unexplainable pains that no doctor or healer can abate? Do you have any negative patterns that have been with you as long as you can remember, for example, having nightmares, not being able to sleep, mental illness, addictions, weight issues, etc.? For a list of symptoms that may indicate that you require a soul retrieval, please see this post. If you would like help identifying whether you need a soul retrieval or want to know what happened, whether in past lives or in this life, to cause your soul to fragment, or have any related questions, we offer intuitive readings by email and on etsy. If you live in Toronto or the GTA, Tim is offering soul retrieval ceremonies – see his services page here. We would love to help!

Please see the links below for books/websites where you can find more detailed information about the soul retrieval process.

Sandra Ingerman’s post on soul retrieval: here.
A great post that details soul-stealing, symptoms and explanations: here.
Another great post with an extensive list of soul loss symptoms: here.

Sandra Ingerman
Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self

This book is great for beginners. It is focused on why soul fragmentation happens, how to identify soul loss, basic tips, and introduction to the soul retrieval process. This book is focused on soul loss that occurs in your current life, rather than in past lives. Purchase from Amazon here.

Alberto Villoldo
Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval

This book is a bit more advanced. We recommend you read Ingerman’s book first, and then follow up with Villoldo’s, which is more intensive, more detailed and has information about other retrieval ceremonies such as power animal retrieval and gift retrieval. He also focuses on healing fragmentation in the past and healing for the future self. Purchase from Amazon here.

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