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A Look At Chakra Calibration

Tim1The chakras are wheel-like energy centres within the subtle body that serve as portals between the spiritual and physical realms and connect the mind, body, and spirit when operating effectively. While there are many different minor chakras within the body, and “transpersonal” chakras that connect us to the earth, the collective, and the universal consciousness, it is widely agreed upon that there are seven major energy centres: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.Each chakra vibrates at its own frequency, and corresponds with a different colour, governing different parts of the physical body and specific aspects of our lives and consciousness. When working together and operating at full capacity, they form a channel sometimes referred to as a “rainbow bridge” that connects mind and body, spirit and matter, and past to future. Energy travels through this channel in two currents that flow in opposite directions: the liberating current (upward) and the manifesting current (downward).

As we follow the liberating current, we progress along the journey of our current lifetime towards realization and enlightenment by working through different issues and challenges relating to each chakra. Along the way, we may develop energetic blockages within our chakras that correspond to these challenges if they become patterns that we tend to repeat in our lives. Although it is seldom given the same attention as the liberating current, the manifesting current is of equal importance. It begins at pure consciousness, taking the form of ideas or downloads of information that travel downwards through the chakra system towards physicality. It is through this current that the processes of manifestation and conscious creation occur. Energetic blockages in a chakra can obstruct the flow of both currents, leading to issues that prevent us from moving forward in our spiritual journey or bringing our ideas and desires to physical fruition.

Shamanic Service:

Through my knowledge of metaphysics and energy work, I have created a method called “Chakra Calibration” to address this issue. During such a session, I use a combination of crystals and different energetic modalities to clear any blockages and align your chakra system to promote an optimal flow of energy in both directions. It is a touch-free procedure that takes about forty-five minutes, during which you will be laying down and relaxing as I perform the energetic working. During the process, you may experience the sensation of energy travelling in the direction on which I am working as the current progressively opens, and afterwards you will feel clear, grounded, and rejuvenated. Although the work is energetic in nature,clearing any blockages may also improve related physical issues, as the chakras correspond with different areas of your body. However, it is important to note that while this process will clear the path, it is up to you to follow it, and it may require additional effort toward self-improvement to maintain the clarity. Upon finishing the calibration, I will provide any possible tips and insights that can help you to continue in the right direction.

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