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    “A Spiritual Look at Physical Ailments” Series: Parasites

    Suffering from parasites is not pleasant. They can also be extremely difficult to eradicate! With any physical ailment, I believe that the spiritual cause needs to be tackled before (or at least in tandem with) any work that occurs on the physical plane. If what is energetically attracting the physical ailment is not eliminated before or during physical healing, there cannot be meaningful healing. The individual will keep attracting the ailment until the spiritual cause is resolved.

    In my own parasite detox journey, my first step was to ask myself: why have I attracted these parasites and allowed them into my body? It is always helpful to think logically and clearly when it comes to deciphering messages from our cells. Begin by breaking the physical ailment down to a sort of mathematical formula. Parasites are foreign entities. The foreign entities are “allowed” into the body. The foreign entities then cause harm. So what is happening here: a problem with boundaries. The “walls” are not strong/high enough to prevent infiltration from the outside.

    The seat of boundary issues is the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra governs the reproductive organs, sexuality and hormones (physical), creative energy, receptivity, polarity, emotions, mood, feelings of guilt, of worth, neediness (mental/emotional), and boundaries, ability to be vulnerable, to be generous, and able to tend to one’s own needs and others’ (spiritual). Thus it is the sacral chakra that needs to be focused on for the purposes of parasite detox. Now that all of this has been concluded, begin to examine how the boundary issues are manifesting in ways other than in the physical body i.e. the parasites. Are you someone who tends to let other people walk all over you? Are you unable to stick up for yourself? Do you have trouble with asserting your sexual needs and boundaries to your partner? Do you allow other people to say or do harmful things to you? How do your personal boundary issues manifest? Once you figure this out, you can go about healing the sacral chakra issues.

    Remember to support parasite detox on the physical plane. Here are some suggestions:

    Bach Centaury Flower Remedy:
    Para Tox Energetic Remedy:
    Herbs (black walnut is excellent):
    Temporarily eliminate all sugar, and all grains (aka parasite food).

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